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Introductions [May. 6th, 2007|01:30 pm]
The Creative Quill


Well, I guess I'll take the initiative and introduce myself.  My name is Maren.  I'm a sophomore at the University of Oregon, studying vocal performance.  Music is pretty much #1 in my life right now.  Voice (obviously) is my primary instrument, but I also play flute/piccolo, piano, Irish whistle, handbells, and dabble in a few others.

I'm also an avid reader--of all genres.  Billy Collins (poet), Sir Walter Scott, Oscar Wilde, Edmond Rostand are among my rather lengthy list of inspirational writers...and people in general.  I haven't locked myself into a genre, really.  I just write my stories.  I'm almost embarrased to admit how many WIPs I have right now.  I'm writing a collection of vignettes:  style inspired by Sandra Ciscneros, content inspired by life.  Also, a historical novel about the Easter Rising in Ireland, a YA historical fantasy (sort of), a YA time-travel, and two YA alternative/fantasy.  Most are in extreme brainstorming stage.  The historical novel is being rewritten, and it is currently my main project.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know everyone...and your work, too.